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Sheila Lombard - Founder / CEO

Everyday Sheila Lombard has a game plan for her company, her family, and her life – live in the moment, but prepare for the future.   A native of Colorado, Sheila Lombard is an example of a hard working woman doing an extraordinary thing by turning a random idea into a structured business.   The founder and CEO of Her Secret Bra started her company while working full time as a bartender in Las Vegas, Nevada.  In September of 2011, Sheila Lombard launched Her Secret Bra with its debut at the Los Angeles County Fair.  Sheila designed her “pocket bra” to accommodate women who need the support of a bra and the convenience of a pocket. Sheila is an innovator who wants to empower others with her success and have fun in the process.

 Growing up in Colorado, Sheila learned at a young age in order to get what you want in life you must work hard and never ask for handouts. Working since the age of 15, after Sheila graduated high school, she completed one semester of college at Wichita State University in Kansas, and returned home for a semester at the University of Colorado Denver majoring in Psychology.  In 1993, Sheila decided to make the move to Las Vegas to experience something new and different.  Having worked two jobs simultaneously most of her life, Sheila became skilled in bartending while working her way through the mortgage industry from loan processor to an accomplished branch manger before the big financial bust occurred.  Sheila continued bartending and putting money away for a rainy day as she studied to obtain her insurance license.  Throughout her employment in the mortgage and insurance industries Sheila owned the fact that she was much more of a people person than a paper pusher.  Knowing it was time to turn her business savvy into a business of her own – Sheila decided to take a risk.

 In order to make a “pocket bra” prototype, Sheila began cutting up old bras and solicited help from family with sketches and sewing samples together.  Upon consultation with an attorney, Sheila was introduced to and collaborated with an art designer for the official blueprint of Her Secret Bra.  Sheila spent endless hours on Google researching patents, manufactures, and distribution options.  After reviewing hundreds of bra samples for quality and durability from more than forty manufacturers; one manufacturer in China stood out from the bunch.  Disappointed that her product was not going to be manufactured in the United States, Sheila trusted her gut and started mass production of Her Secret Bra in May of 2011. 

 Sheila, who had never invented anything before, knew she had a great product so she continued to build her company despite any obstacles.  Creating a name for the “pocket bra” proved to be equally as challenging as creating the product itself.  Sheila’s husband came up with the brilliant idea to call the product Her Secret Bra.  Sheila will jokingly suggest that her vision for Her Secret Bra is everything pretty and pink…she loves pink.  So expect to see more colors, especially pink, added to the styles down the road.  In fact Sheila has several bra designs, garments, and accessories that will be added to the Her Secret Bra inventory as her company grows. 

 Sheila Lombard brings honesty, loyalty, and determination to every aspect of her company - values she gained from her working class roots.    Sheila loves engaging with her customers to receive feedback on the Her Secret Bra purchasing experience.  Sheila currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada – a place noted for risk-takers and “secrets.” 


Brenda Saylors - Vice President of Operations

Brenda Saylors is a quick witted, common sense, family oriented woman with a talent for anchoring successful relationships both professionally and personally.  Long time resident of Las Vegas, Nevada, Brenda has acquired her management skills through non-profit organizations, retail chains, and the United States Postal Service.  With a specialty in customer service and community relations, Brenda’s expertise is used to develop key relationships in the business community, highlight charitable ventures for the company, and most importantly make sure Her Secret Bra becomes a household name.  She is extremely passionate and loyal to the goal of Her Secret Bra to empower women to live active lives and go purseless.  Brenda has been a crucial support to CEO and Founder, Sheila Lombard from the very beginning and they both look forward to a prosperous journey in the months and years ahead


 Sheila Lombard - Founder / CEO















Brenda Saylors - VP of Operations


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