HER SECRET BRA   go purseless!!!

The AMAZING BRA with HIDDEN POCKETS... keep all your personal items safe and secure 


 Sexy Plunge Bra
Secret Tip #1
 No longer will you have to ask your husband or partner to carry your drivers license, credit cards, cash or lipstick when you go out
Secret Tip #2
You can go purseless and strapless with Desire and HSB's Designer Bra Straps
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Seamless Sports Bra


Her Secret Bra for
when you...

- Work Out
- Travel
- Go Dancing
- Play Sports
- Walk your dog
- Go to Concerts
- Work where you cannot have a purse with you


Welcome to Her Secret Bra
Every woman wants the convenience to carry her personal items without a purse, Her Secret Bra is the answer!
Her Secret Bra has designed a Specialty Line of Brassieres'.  In addition to being extremely comfortable, high quality, and beautiful, there is a Secret about all HSB Bras.  
These revolutionary bras have three pockets
 stratigically hidden within the lining of the bra to hold cash, credit cards, identification, personal hygiene products, lipstick, .... and more!  This bra is designed to be comfortable to wear, look smooth, go unnoticed, and allows safety of women's personal items, all with the freedom to be more active and go out with "less baggage" - - go purseless...

Most women want to go to the gym, to work, shopping, travel, and exercise, etc...
without a purse !!!




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